Ditching Evernote for GMail

I’ve trialled using Evernote to keep track of various notes for two scenarios – using a desktop computer and also from my Android powered phone (HTC Hero). I’ve tried the Evernote app for Android and overall have just found the experience to be a bit basic and painful. I’m ditching it for a Gmail based solution instead. Weighing heavily in Gmail’s favour is the great app that is part of the Android OS that allows me to synch emails for offline access. I figure setting up a Label called ‘Notes’ and configuring my phone to synch all items with that label will work fine. It’ll be searchable, offline access will work and I can easily access from a desktop computer so ‘cloud storage’ is achieved also.

If I really wanted to be bothered I could setup a filter that looked for a particular username suffix (i.e. username+note@gmail.com) to automatically label emails as Notes and then I could also have the benefit of being able to forward notes from other email accounts (i.e. work).

So Evernote – thanks, but no thanks. Nice try but it just didn’t work for me.