Thorpe's financial dramas

According to The Daily Telegraph today (13th Feb 2010), Ian Thorpe has had some cash flow problems. But lucky for him that he’s mates with Alan Jones who was able to call up the head of Westpac Gail Kelly. According to the Tele, Jones said:

*“Ian’s had no training in this area because he’s spent so much of his life in a swimming pool. So I rang Gail Kelly for him. Simple as that. I said to Gail ‘Do you know Ian Thorpe’s been banking with you since he was 15’. Gail got someone from her personal banking unit, who coincidentally lived just two streets away from Ian – and they set up an appointment”. *

That’s great news, good work Alan. It’s great to know that loyalty to Westpac is rewarded with indirect access to the CEO and her personal banking adviser of choice. I’d hate to think that there’s one set of rules for the rich and well-connected, but different rules for the peons. Mind you, I can’t find this exact quote in any online versions of this article so maybe my cynicism is not misplaced.