Junkware: Underwater cell phone system

Have you ever wanted to make a phone call while you were underwater? “Hell yes!” I hear you say. Well you’re in luck – for just $US1,799 you can purchase the Underwater Cell Phone System from SkyMall.

Scuba Phone

From the web site: *With the Alpha UWCP, talk with someone 15,000 miles away while diving a tropical reef or in your pool! *

Think of the implications:

  • Pretend you’re working while really swimming in your pool (or on holidays)
  • Interesting implications for phone sex – ‘sleeps with the fishes’ takes on a whole new meaning
  • Incidents of SCUBA rage increase as intolerant fellow divers get sick of only hearing one side of the conversation
  • Answer phone calls in the shower – see product reviews on the web site!
  • Order a pizza while underwater – try explaining that delivery address!