The tweeting Tree

According to Ericsson have connected a tree to Twitter. That’s an oversimplification – the tree is equipped with sensors that monitor movement and light and then at various intervals tweets based on the information from the sensors via the API.

My favourite quote – “Ericsson promises its not some guy with a laptop hiding behind a bush tapping out tweets and greets.”

You can follow the tree if you want – @connectedtree and it’s pretty exciting stuff as evidenced by the samples below.

*Morality is not really the doctrine of how to make ourselves happy but of how we are to be worthy of happiness *#ectree

*I feel like a star. 131 handshakes in an hour. Too bad I can’t sign autographs. *#ectree

*There is no excellence without labor. One cannot dream oneself into either usefulness or happiness. *#ectree

*I’ve been touched 103 times in the last hour. *#ectree

It’s like a frickin’ fortune cookie generator or something.

Sidenote – this kind of reminds me of the old Dr Sbaitso program, that DOS program that used to come with Sound Blaster audio cards back in the early 90s, see below.


This also got me thinking about what other objects tweet… there’s the bed of that newly married couple that sends tweets when they bonk thanks to their best man. Here’s a list of other notable ‘things’ that tweet as well:

I have to say I don’t get the point of most of these applications beyond the ‘because I can’ factor for the inventors. The Twitter API also refers to various scenarios where some ordinary piece of ‘notification’ technology could be hooked up to tweet (i.e. build completed, server errors, capacity limits reached etc), but not sure of the why yet. Mind you, when I first signed up to Twitter I didn’t get it at all but it’s growing on me. Maybe I’ll look back in a few months and realise the fool that I am!

What is the craziest object connected to Twitter you’ve come across? What would you like to see connected to Twitter?