Censorship begins at home for Conroy

As reported here, here, here, here and originally discussed here on Whirlpool, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy has censored his own web site to prevent the term ISP Filtering appearing in the site’s tag cloud. Here is a screenshot of what the tag cloud looks like as of 26 Feb 2010:


Clicking on any of these terms executes a search on the web site for articles that contain that phrase. This tag cloud is apparently based on frequently search phrases or terms (not generated from actual content). The more popular a search phrase is, the larger it appears in the tag cloud.

But the website has been caught out using some dodgy client side JavaScript code to exclude the term ‘ISP Filtering’ specifically. OK this is not censorship but political spin. But it goes to show that it’s not something that the Minister is keen to have presented to users of the web site. Despite the fact that he is proposing to enforce mandatory ISP level filtering of RC content with no possibility for users to opt out.

You can still search for the term on the web site, it’s just dodgy, embarrassing spin. How can the government be trusted with a secret blacklist of banned sites if this is the kind of thing that they get up to to stifle political debate.

Click here to search for ‘ISP Filtering’ on the Minister’s website.

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