Mobile phone store analytics

Ever wondered how the Android Marketplace compares to Apple’s App Store or how the Windows Phone Marketplace is going? Well head on over to Distimo – a company that appears to specialise in app store analytics. Lots of great info if you want to know more about the various stores out there if you’re considering developing an app. You’d think that was a bit of a niche, but got to be plenty of money in it as these marketplaces grow. Good news is that they have a free report for developers.

As a consumer – the Android Marketplace offers the highest proportion of free apps according to Android and me.

When comparing the number of free vs paid apps, Android had the largest share of free downloads (57%). This is likely caused by Google’s openness of the Android Market, which allows casual developers an easy entry (aka all those junk apps). The open source nature of Android also attracts developers who are more willing to give away their work. Finally, Android Market only allows paid apps in 11 countries (vs 77 for Apple App Store).

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