Would our environment have been better off with John Howard?

An interesting article from Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald that proposes Australia would have been better off environment wise if John Howard and the Coalition had won the last election. Sounds pretty radical but I read to the end because I usually find that Ross Gittins makes sense so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

It’s hard for me to admit but he might be right. Sadly KRudd is turning out to be a politician of convenience and when the going gets tough he doesn’t appear to have the mettle to back it up. The gist of Gittins’ argument was that going into the election the Coalition and Labor had similar policies. Howard would have had more success getting the legislation passed, the climate change sceptics in the Coalition would have fallen into line; Rudd has now proven it’s all too hard for him and has postponed it for three whole years. And under Howard we would have had an Environment Minister in Malcolm Turnbull who was willing to put his job on the line for the cause – oh the irony!

I think postponing the ETS legislation is a disgraceful cop out. The list of failures and bodgy jobs for this government is really starting to stack up. The NBN that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, an Education revolution that looks to be costing a bloody fortune and there’s this crazy fixation with filtering the internet. Sadly the alternative (a Tony Abbott led government) is not looking any more palatable.