Android Tablets – Samsung vs. Archos


There’s a bunch of hype about the Samsung Galaxy Tab being released soon – see image to the right. With pricing details for Australia announced yesterday it was a bit of a disappointment for me to find out that the outright price was going to be $999! Fwoar… Sure you can sign up with a carrier for a 2 year contract and get on a data plan, but this is the bit I don’t get. Do you really need a tablet with mobile connectivity? Hear me out…

I already have an Android phone with a 3G connection, it’s with me wherever I go. If I bought a tablet, would I continue to carry the phone? Of course I bloody would because it’s a phone and it fits neatly in my pocket. Are you going to get a 7” tablet in your pocket? Not unless you’re Bozo the Clown. And if I really wanted to get on the internet with the tablet and Wi-Fi wasn’t available, why not just tether the tablet to the phone and use the 3G connection in the phone?

So for the iPad owners out there – I’d love to hear what you do, particularly if you have an iPhone as well. Do you carry both devices? Did you just opt for the Wi-Fi model of the iPad?

And so if you buy into the premise that you could survive without a 3G connection on board the tablet itself, then maybe you could look for a different device – like maybe one of the Archos devices to be released shortly? They look like they will be a hell of a lot cheaper (around $US300 for the 7” version and $US350 for the 10” version). Assuming all else is equal and it’s equivalent in other regards to the Samsung device (OK not exactly true), it’s a damn better deal if you ask me. The trade off is that there is no 3G connection on board or GPS. But they can easily be tethered to the phone via the USB cable or Bluetooth. Sounds like a workable solution to me.

The Archos 101 tablet is shown here:


And here is the Archos 70 (notice the kickstand):


Don’t get me wrong I think the Samsung device is great news for Android. I just won’t be rushing out to buy one for that price – $1,000 can get you a lot of laptop / netbook.

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