Great resource to counter any global warming sceptic


The website Skeptical Science is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in climate change. It has over 120 commonly used arguments against climate change / global warming and rebuts them in the simplest terms possible. Anything from:

The website has a blog with regular posts as further information is added. There’s even an app for your Android phone (or your iPhone if you’re one of those people 😉 so that you can debunk climate change deniers while you’re on the go.

The last argument above cracks me up – ‘the other planets are warming’. The argument is that there is evidence of the other planets warming because the sun is generating more heat. On one hand some sceptics claim there isn’t enough evidence of the changing climate on earth and yet will cling on to a fanciful notion that we have enough historical data about the temperature of other planets to proclaim that they are warming.

Anyway – go and check out the Skeptical Science web site, it rocks.