Windows Phone 7 won’t support tethering

Ho hum, Windows Phone 7 won’t support tethering according to this report from Boy Genius Report. Tethering allows you to connect the phone to your laptop and use the internet connection in the phone. Android phones support this, iPhones support it and Windows is trying to compete with these two operating systems (and more). While people are arguing that this feature is only going to be missed by true techies I don’t think that is the case – not in Australia anyway. In Australia there is a massive market for3G broadband modems in the form of USB devices for their laptops. It rarely costs extra to use tethering on your phone (unlike in America), so why don’t you just use the phone instead of buying a separate device?

Anyway back to the Windows Phone 7 bashing. No support for copy and paste. Has taken for-freaking-ever to come out – all while Android and iPhones are storming the world. Sure the iPhone didn’t support copy and paste when it came out either, but that was 2007. Same with Android – evolving all the time. This Windows Phone 7 OS is meant to be a catch-up and beyond for Microsoft. Good luck with that! They’ve lost so much ground already and are now releasing a new OS that is also going to take time to evolve. I reckon this will be one of the last hurrahs before it fades into oblivion. It’s a shame because they really had a chance – they had a hell of a headstart.