Floyo 1.1.9 - Froyo for HTC Hero

So I’ve been running the Floyo 1.1.9 ROM on my HTC Hero for a week now and haven’t had any major problems, it’s been great. It’s an Android 2.2 (Froyo) ROM based on the CyanogenMod 6 ROM.

If you want to download it, visit this thread on XDA Developers.

For another guide on getting Froyo running on a HTC Hero with optimal performance, see this thread on XDA developers also. It’s a lot more granular (i.e. lots more control and time consuming).

Personally I just opted for the Floyo ROM because it was quick and simple. I now have about 100MB of RAM free on my phone after re-installing most my apps – important ones like Angry Birds of course!

I’ve found the performance, especially web browsing to be improved over my previos ROM – Sense Hero based on Android 2.1.

The only downside to the Floyo ROM is that it doesn’t have HTC Sense. This is HTC’s custom UI and other bits on it. This means I can’t run the HTC Sync software on my work computer and synchronise my contacts and calendar from there. I still find it pretty amazing that Android doesn’t support this out of the box – that the preferred method is to sync these other data sources to the cloud. Well that’s just not going to work in my situation.

Anyway, if you’re running a HTC Hero and you’re keen to get Android 2.2 on it – check out Floyo 1.1.9 it is tops. As far as I am aware HTC will not be bringing out an official Froyo ROM for this phone so a custom ROM will be the only way to get it. If you’re really hanging out for a ROM with HTC Sense then maybe hang off a bit – I’m sure there will be one ported from a similar phone like the HTC Legend in the fullness of time.

So what’s your experience – anyone else using the Floyo ROM leave your comments below.