Police now targetting driver fatigue

If you’ve ever driven around NSW you’ve no doubt seen the big scary police signs that tell you what the local highway patrol is currently targetting. Usually the options are speeding, drink driving and the one that makes me chuckle ‘driver fatigue’. OK it’s not a laughing matter, but* how exactly* do they target driver fatigue?

  • Have you ever been pulled over for a random yawn test?
  • Do police arrest you if you buy too many energy drinks?
  • What about the guy driving at 110 km/h with the window down and the music blaring?
  • And what do they actually do if they find someone who is a bit tired, as far as I know it’s not against the law?

Once again we’re tackling the big issues here – let me know your experiences below. Have you ever been pulled over and forced to have a powernap before you could continue your journey?