CRM 2011 List Component for SharePoint activation problems solved

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 comes with out of the box integration with SharePoint 2010which allows users to store documents associated with CRM records.

This is implemented with the List Component for SharePoint. This is a sandboxed solution that is deployed to the target SharePoint site. When activated it allows CRM 2011 to create documents in SharePoint and also to present those documents to the user in a CRM native UI.

In my experience this component can be tricky to activate on the SharePoint 2010 side. I have seen errors that range from ‘401 Not authorized’ to ‘the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request’

This has usually been caused by the fact that the SharePoint machine does not have direct access to the internet. Durng the activation process SharePoint (well the .NET Framework) is trying to contact the host Because this cannot be contacted within the allowed timeout period activation fails.

Tbe solution is to ensure that the SharePoint server can contact this site. If that is not possible (security reasons, working on a standalone machine etc) then you can add the
following entry to the HOSTS file on the machine:

This ensures that the address resolves and then the process works. You can then activate the solution.

For more details on this workaround see my earlier blog post.