MacBook Pro, Boot Camp and Bluetooth mice in Windows

MacBook Pro, Boot Camp and Bluetooth mice in Windows

When I bought my MacBook Pro I thought I’d treat myself to a new mouse as well, so I picked up a Logitech M555b Mouse. It worked great with OS X but under Windows 8 using boot camp it was unreliable and flaky. The cursor would lag and be jerky – this wasn’t consistent, it would usually start off OK, but then degrade after 10 or 15 minutes use.

Recently I stumbled across a fix for this and now my mouse works fine in both Windows 8 and OS X. The fix involves changing an advanced setting for the wireless network adapter in Windows Device Manager. My limited understanding is that the WiFi card and Bluetooth radio would use the same channel from time to time, so the bluetooth signal was getting interfered with.

Open Device Manager, find the Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter and right-click to select Properties.

Windows 8 Device Manager screenshot

Select the Advanced tab and then select the item Bluetooth Collaboration in the list. Change this to Enable.

Windows 8 Network Adapter Properties Dialog screenshot

And that should resolve your issues!