TechEd - Introduction to Windows Azure websites

I confess I haven’t kept up with the latest on Windows Azure websites, so attending the AZR212 session – Introduction to Windows Azure websites was well worth it.

Some interesting things I learnt about the whole Azure platform for websites:

  • It’s not just for .NET, you can run PHP and MySQL based apps if you wanted to
  • There’s an App gallery for things like WordPress
  • There will be a free offering even after the service goes live (general availability)
  • It’s really easy to get started – write some code, web deploy and run. Database magic happens behind the scenes when using something like Entity First framework.
  • You get full access to the request logs and IIS tracing
  • There is also FTP access for downloading logs, or deployment if you wish
  • Support for Git, and continuous integration with hosted TFS

On top of this you get all the general cloud benefits – really easy to scale on demand as needed. But the reality is, and this came out in the session when the demo time dragged on – you are reliant on a fast, always on internet connection.

Very interesting to see how Microsoft have partnered with other companies (cleardb for MySQL hosting for example), to increase the utility of this platform.

I’ll definitely be checking it out further, I think there’s plenty of potential for migrating existing websites to a platform like Azure in the future.

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