Save photo attachments from Gmail into Google+ photo album

One of the good features of Google+ and Android is the ability to automatically upload photos from my phone. Recently I had some photos taken with my phone that I wanted to supplement with some photos my wife took on her iPhone.

I created an album with my photos – nice and easy. My wife emailed me her photos individually. I could see these in my Gmail account – but how to easily combine these additional ones with the album I had already set up?

A manual way would have been to download these individually to my local computer and then re-upload them. Not very cloudy.

The clunky work-around I found was to:

  • On each attachment click ‘Share’ which started to create a Google+ post.

  • Cancel this post after the progress indicator animated GIF went away

  • Go into Google+ – I could now see these photos in an album called “Photos from posts”

  • From here I couldn’t work out how to amalgamate these into the original album

  • The photos are not technically shared because I hit ‘Cancel’ above

  • Now head over to Picasa web albums and from there you can ‘Organize’ these albums and move the photos one by one into the original album.

This is pretty clunky and relied upon me knowing that I could manipulate these photos through Picasa web albums.

To make life easier it would be awesome if the Gmail ‘Share’ functionality was supplemented with functionality to ‘Save to Album’, and the Google+ ‘Photos from Posts’ area allowed you to move photos more easily.