Dad joke industry threatened by mainstream media

Meanwhile, thousands of Dad joke purveyors across the country are reeling.

“Damn it, ‘Electricity Bill’ was my idea! I can’t believe they stole it. I should have known this would happen after they took Kevin747 and Juliar without crediting me, but this time they’ve gone too far.

I even have the notes to show my workings. Fair enough, Gas Bill was a bit wide of the mark but it was just the first spark of creativity. I went through several others – Phone Bill made no sense, and Water Bill was a bit of a stretch. But I knew Electricity Bill was gold. My family loved it when I dropped it at the dinner table.

How am I ever going to get invited to deliver the keynote at the Society of the Witty if this kind of intellectual property theft continues unabated? This must be how the movie and music industries feel.”