Dynamics CRM 2013 and Tablet apps

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft released apps for Windows 8 tablets, iPad and even Android for mobile access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This is great news and the apps look pretty decent.

If you’re running an on-premise installation of CRM what are your options for connecting these apps? Well you’ll need network connectivity of course, and the CRM must be configured as an Internet Facing Deployment. That doesn’t mean it has to necessarily be facing the Internet, but the same infrastructure must be configured.

What that means is you need to configure CRM to use SSL / HTTPS and you also need to install ADFS.

One critical note from the implementation guide is the following:
“In order for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets to successfully connect to a new deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013, you must run a Repair of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 on the server running IIS where the Web Application Server role is installed after the Internet-Facing Deployment Configuration Wizard is successfully completed.”

If you are going to explore the tablet world for your CRM it’s worth reading the Administration guide which does a good job of explaining how the new UI is translated into the various app.