Happy Australia Day

This Australia Day I woke early to help my son construct a Danish toy with components made in China, Mexico, Denmark and more. We watched an episode of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (the one where a plain, shy girl from the country didn’t get any attention or confidence until she went to the beach in a bikini) and then listened to some music via Pandora. He told me he liked “this music” when Cold Chisel came on, perhaps my proudest moment.

Later I’ll make a cappuccino and contemplate life. I’ll try and listen to a bit of the triple j Hottest 100and curse that the yoof have no taste in music and it’s all just noise. I plan on burning some Woolies sausages for lunch, drink a Tasmanian beer made by a Japanese owned company. After a couple of these I’ll probably watch Adam Hills singing the best version of our national anthem that there could be and get goosebumps.

I’m sure I’ll tut-tut at some high profile goose who makes a racial gaffe on social media, and I’ll definitely be slagging off our Prime Minister and his cronies for being mean spirited conservatives who are more interested in helping their mates at the big end of town than doing what is best for the long term interests of Australia.

Before the day ends I’ll jump on the computer and download a few episodes of my favourite American sitcom, streamed over that great CSIRO invention Wi-Fi.

And with Australia being such an amazing country I’m free to say all this publicly and enjoy the day however I bloody well want. The only point to this exercise in word-wankery is to hope you all enjoy the day the way you want to – without negatively impacting others. Yes flags as cape wearers, I’m looking you.

Have a great Australia Day! Farkin’ straya!