My HTC One is the first Android phone that I have stuck with the original ROM for a prolonged period of time, which is remarkable given there’s even a ‘pure’ Android ROM available for it. In the past I’ve been happy to upload custom ROMs for my original HTC Hero, my Samsung Galaxy S II and even my Galaxy Nexus. Going from the Galaxy Nexus back to the HTC One I thought I might want to change the ROM because I didn’t think I’d like (going back to) HTC Sense. But these days it’s not very offensive, and the CPU of the phone just handles anything you throw at it.

In the past I’ve changed ROMs because I wanted access to cooler new features or to mitigate performance problems. Even though there’s a lag with the time a new version of Android is released and the time HTC get it out to my phone, I’ve found the incremental feature upgrades to either be minor and not worth worry about, it not of interest to me.

Long live the HTC One M7!