Ditching GoDaddy

I have a number of domains I originally registered with GoDaddy and I’ve finally dumped them. I’ve transferred both the DNS hosting and the Registration over to DNSimple. I got sick of trying to be sold dumb shit, piss poor web interface, and just sleazy marketing with GoDaddy. They were damn cheap I’ll give them that.

If you want to do something similar, here’s an overview:

  • You can change just your DNS hosting
  • You can also move over your Registration (I recommend going the whole hog)
  • You can do it without any downtime

The general process is:

  • Create an account with DNSimple
  • “Add’ domains to them
  • Export your Zone file from GoDaddy
  • Import the Zone file into DNSimple
  • Verify that the DNSimple servers are resolving your site
  • Change over the root nameservers for your domain(s) to DNSimple and await for propagation – this might take 24 hours
  • Cancel any domain privacy you have with GoDaddy, and ‘Unlock’ the domain (to allow transfer)
  • Transfer the Registration to DNSimple (using an Authorisation code from GoDaddy per domain)
  • Click ‘Confim’ in a few email links
  • Delete your GoDaddy account
  • Crack open a beer and put on a smug smile.

It is that simple. But why DNSimple? Nice, clean UI. Simple pricing structure (yes dearer than GoDaddy but it’s worth it). Two-factor authentication. You can still have WHOis privacy to obscure your details from the public registers.

DNSimple provide a guide to the process here. And if you are thinking about signing up, it’d be nice if you went via my referral link.