Android to Windows Phone experience

Android to Windows Phone experience

I have a new job and landed a shiny new Lumia 950 XL Windows Phone, so I'm switching from Android for a while to see how I enjoy it. By far the biggest challenge so far is the state of apps, the numbers of apps is less and the quality of the apps you find are a bit hit and miss. Following are some of the main apps or equivalents that I've found to be good.
Lumia 950 XL


The official Twitter app is pretty average - it gets the job done, but it's not very configurable and lacks integration with Pocket (for reading interesting articles later). So far I've settled on Aeries (which costs money), but MeTweets is also quite good. They both support 'save to Pocket' integration and multiple accounts, I just found the UI on Aeries a bit nicer - less tapping.


I love Todoist so keeping that flow of tasks through my day was going to be crucial. While there's a current beta of a Universal App for Todoist available for Windows 10, they haven't made the Phone version of that available yet (defeating the purpose of the Universal App). I found TaskCrunch to be pretty good. I believe it's actually been bought by Todoist. As an alternative, the Edge browser renders the web version of Todoist quite well.


There's an Instagram Beta app which is pretty average, it only supports one account. I found 6tag to be pretty good, probably even better than the official Android Instagram app.


There's 1Password Beta app which for the most part works well, and includes DropBox synchronisation so I can continue to use that for user accounts (would have been a deal breaker if I couldn't actually).

There doesn't seem to be an equivalent of Signal / Text Secure or whatever it's called these days.


As a big user of Google services, I have a few Gmail accounts I needed to keep using. There's no Gmail app, but the out of the box Outlook app is probably the best mail client I've found. It doesn't seem to support push notifications, but I can probably live without that. I tried some of the alternatives that claimed to be just as awesome as Gmail but they never quite measured up to the experience of Outlook.


Sadly there's no native Pocket app - but there is a 3rd party app called Poki which does the job pretty well.

There's a native Kindle app which does everything you'd expect, and in fact seems a bit quicker than the Android version.

Baconit is a good app for reddit consumption.


Fortunately Pocket Casts also exists on Windows, it can be a bit flaky at times but laregly does what the Android version does. And I can keep it in sync across devices if I need to. There is an out of the box Podcast app but I haven't had a need to use it yet.


There's no Google Play Music, but there is Groove. You use OneDrive to store your music so it's synched to multiple devices. The hurdle to this is uploading the music initially. I have an ADSL connection with pretty poor upload speed, so am still working my way through this conversion.


The apps that I haven't solved, or would like a better solution for

  • Facebook - there is a native app, but it seems to struggle refreshing and is hard to use. Poor cousin of the app from other platforms. I might try the mobile experience as an alternative
  • Headspace - there's no app, and the website seems to force the mobile skin which doesn't show controls for playback via the web. If you force the desktop by browsing to this seems to work.
  • ParkMobile - the app for this just flat out doesn't work. Even on Android it was pretty crappy, but fortunately the web site works on a mobile browser so I am going to use that.

Let me know if you've got any better suggestions or have similar problems.