The Interview Master - Cal Fussman

I love the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, there's very rarely an episode that I don't come away with anything new from. Even so, when I saw there was a 3+ hour episode with someone I'd never heard of I didn't rush into it, I listened to some other things first. 3 hours of my life, are you kidding?

I just finished listening though and it was amazing, one of the best - well one of the most entertaining anyway. Cal is packed full of amazing stories and will have you hooked. Be sure to check it out.

For me the key takeaways were:

  • Watch Man On Wire - I've heard this recommended many times already.
  • Watch Foreman v Frazier footage, read more about George Foreman in particular
  • Lead with the heart, not the head - the Gorbachev story, and the ghoulash story both great examples about how to hook people with the right questions
  • Read Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln
  • Write more - just write
  • Get better at storytelling