January 8, 2018

MB2-877 exam study tips - Dynamics 365 for Field Service

MB2-877 exam study tips - Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Today I passed my MB2-877 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service exam. I thought I'd pass along some study tips and link together a few key resources.

Similar to Shawn Tabor's blog post I recommend that you go through the material on the PartnerSource / CustomerSource websites providing you have access. Don't just sit through the videos though, make sure you download the additional resources and get the hands-on-lab instructions. The self-paced courses are linked at the exam page, I won't duplicate here.

Spin up a trial instance of Dynamics 365 and get hands on. (Don't forget this tip to fix your workflows: Field Service Tasks not auto-populating from Incident type). I also setup the mobile client on my phone and interacted with some data I created. Follow the MSDN guide to installing this solution, it's pretty different to how other things are done in Dynamics.

I personally did not install the Field Service Demo Data as I preferred to build the data up from scratch which helped me understand the minimum requirements and the moving parts in the solution. I still have the OOTB sample data installed in my environment. It also helps to have some kind of relatable scenario to work through - how would you pitch the solution to a customer?

Once I was across the training from the partner portal I also read all the Field Service posts I could find from Neil Parkhurst. And to saturate myself I also listened to these field service oriented episodes (At Your Service 7: Field Service and Project Service Automation update 4, and At Your Service 8: Connected Field Service with Ben Vollmer) of CRM Audio / At Your Service podcast. Probably a bit of overkill, or maybe it helped reinforce some concepts.

Oh, I also booked the exam and told lots of people I was going to do it. Nothing sharpens the focus like a deadline and the risk of public humiliation! Another way to sharpen my focus was to imagine I was presenting this topic to potential customers who had lots of tricky questions. This forced me to go and explore some of the stuff that is normally easier to gloss over.

Hope you find this useful, best of luck in your Dynamics adventures.