Learn Dynamics CRM development with these great resources

A regular question I get asked is: I'm new to Dynamics CRM development, what training materials you would recommend? Training materials Of course there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this, it all depends on your background in software development. The following resources are a great place to get started: Pluralsight - »

SSRS .rdl file will not open in design view in Visual Studio

So you've got a SQL Server Reporting Services .rdl file and you want to open the report in Visual Studio and modify it. But it just keeps showing you the XML of the report. You've installed all the right SQL Server Data Tools / Business Intelligence Studio (BIDS) bits for your »

The Interview Master - Cal Fussman

I love the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, there's very rarely an episode that I don't come away with anything new from. Even so, when I saw there was a 3+ hour episode with someone I'd never heard of I didn't rush into it, I listened to some other things first. »

Passed MB2-714 CRM Customer Service exam today

I managed to passed the MB2-714 CRM 2016 Customer Service exam today. It was pretty challenging. All I can recommend is pay close attention to what the exam page says will be the topics and study up on those topics. Neil Parkhurst has published a great series of blog posts »

Android to Windows Phone experience

I have a new job and landed a shiny new Lumia 950 XL Windows Phone, so I'm switching from Android for a while to see how I enjoy it. By far the biggest challenge so far is the state of apps, the numbers of apps is less and the quality »

Cold Chisel - One Night Stand, 15 Dec 2015

Have you ever had Karaoke to your favourite song with 10,000 strangers? Because that is what going to a Cold Chisel concert is like - joyous, drunken and great fun. To set the context - I am a Cold Chisel fanatic. And yet I almost wasn't going to go »

CRM REST JavaScript - Bad Request: Error processing request stream

Sometimes I'm tired and forgetful, and in a rush. Never a good combination. I was writing some form based JavaScript to programmatically create child-records using the REST API in Dynamics CRM 2015 and encountered the following error in a nasty JavaScript alert dialog. Error: 400: Bad Request: Error processing request »

Moved blog to Ghost(Pro)

I've always used WordPress for this blog, and hosted it in a variety of platforms - starting out with the original free wordpress.com, then moving to a low-cost shared website with a WordPress install, and eventually IaaS in Windows Azure. When I moved to Windows Azure, I used a »

Compelling reasons to use ADX Studio for your portal solution

Creating an external facing web portal for your external users is a pretty common requirement these days. Whether they be potential customers, recurring customers, partners or other external parties that you want to empower to self-serve and manage information stored in your Dynamics CRM based system you've got a couple »