As of 24th September 2010 the following Android phones are available to be bought in Australia.

ManufacturerPhoneVersionAvailable from
DellStreak1.6Optus – from November 1
GoogleNexus One2.1Vodafone (exclusive) on contract
HTCDesire2.1Telstra (exclusive) on contract
HTCHero (GSM)1.5Harvey Norman (unlocked, outright)
Crazy Johns
(coming to Three also, not sure when)
HTCMagic1.5Vodafone (12 and 24 month contracts), Crazy Johns
HTCTattoo1.6Harvey Norman (unlocked, outright)
HTCWildfire2.1Coming to Telstra in August
LGGW6201.5Crazy Johns
MotorolaMB200 DEXT1.5Optus (24 month contract)
MotorolaMB300 Backflip1.5Optus (24 month contract)
MotorolaFlipout2.1Vodafone – from October
MotorolaMB501 Quench1.5Optus (24 month contract)
Samsungi7500 Galaxy1.5Optus (outright and on 24 month contract)
SamsungGalaxy S (i9000)1.5Optus (outright and on 24 month contract)
SamsungGalaxy Tab2.2All carriers from November
Sony EricssonX101.6Optus (24 month contract), Telstra, Three
Sony EricssonX10 Mini1.6Telstra
Vodafone HTC Magic will receive an OTA update to 1.6 if it’s not already on the handset in the box

If the phone you want isn’t here, don’t forget you can buy it from an overseas website and have it shipped to you in Australia.

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What plans are available in Australia?

The Australian version of the Lifehacker website has put together a guide to contracts and plans available with the major providers for their available Android phones. Great stuff!

And now they have also released a guide to current prices for handset outright purchase.

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