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Google Maps Navigation (Beta) hits Australia

Woohoo, finally your shiny Android powered device can be used as a GPS Navigation aid in Australia. As of this morning (17th November 2010), Google have turned on this feature that was previously enabled for the USA and UK. Now when you are using Google Maps and try to get »

Android handset outright prices – Australia

Lifehacker has compiled a list of Android handsets available for outright purchase from various carriers and the current prices. Click here to check it out. I don’t think buying outright from the carrier is the most cost effective way to go (if you’re buying outright) but you’ll »

US trip

I’ve just spent the last three weeks in the United States. To be fair I’m still there – currently posting this using in-flight Internet somewhere between Chicago and San Francisco. When I get the time I will add some posts detailing how my Android phone went in the US »

Aussie Android Apps list updated

I’ve updated the Apps section of my guide to Android for Aussies. This apps list includes quite a few new additions plus scannable barcodes for most of the apps! Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Go and have a look. »

Android guide for Aussies updated

I’ve updated my guide to Android for Australians. Includes splitting the Phones and Apps sections onto separate pages for easier maintenance and readability. Android guide for Australians Android phones available in Australia Android apps for Aussies Enjoy! Technorati Tags: [android australia au]( »

HTC Legend coming to Australia – Vodafone, Three

According to the HTC Twitter account (@htc) Vodafone will be releasing the HTC Legend on 3rd June and it will also be available on Three (but no date announced for that). Good news for the Aussie market. The HTC Legend is kind of the HTC Hero 2 but sadly will »

Another update to the Android guide for Aussies

Further updates to the guide – added some more web sites to buy phones from, a bunch more Australian specific apps and also a footnote about the HTC Magic on Vodafone. Keep the feedback coming! The full guide is here. And the Australian specific Android apps are listed here. Technorati Tags: »