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Moved blog to Ghost(Pro)

I've always used WordPress for this blog, and hosted it in a variety of platforms - starting out with the original free, then moving to a low-cost shared website with a WordPress install, and eventually IaaS in Windows Azure. When I moved to Windows Azure, I used a »

OS X equivalent to Windows Live Writer

I’ve decided to give OS X a more prominent role in my life – I’ve moved my Windows 8.1 Boot Camp partition into a VMWare Fusion VM and run it from within OS X now. There’s a few things I miss from Windows that I don’t »

Azure hosting

Welcome to the first post after moving the hosting of this blog to a Windows Azure VM. If you’re seeing this the migration went well. I decided to move from my existing host (how was great) to trial a bit of Azure IaaS and see how it goes. I »

How to migrate WordPress blog to a new hosting provider

I self-host WordPress rather than use a domain, but recently the hosting provider I was using was giving me performance grief. I was getting PHP execution timeouts when people tried to view my blog which is pretty poor. So I bit the bullet and found a new provider. »