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Save photo attachments from Gmail into Google+ photo album

One of the good features of Google+ and Android is the ability to automatically upload photos from my phone. Recently I had some photos taken with my phone that I wanted to supplement with some photos my wife took on her iPhone. I created an album with my photos – nice »

TechEd - Building Robust Windows Azure Applications with P&P Guidance

This session was presented byMahesh Krishnan from Readify (@MaheshKrishnan) and focused on building robust Windows Azure apps, but in particular the benefits of elasticity. To me one of the most appealing things about cloud based apps is the ability to scale up / down as needed to meet demand, so »

Cloud Computing – Scalability

One of the great things about cloud computing from my perspective is the concept of scalability – or elasticity. This is the ability to rapidly add more resources to your system as needed. Let’s say you run an online store and for 11 months of the year you can comfortably »