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Government announces Operation Sovereign Data

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis today announced a new government initiative known as Operation Data Protect. This nationwide program will act as a data backup service for the nation, relieving the millions of Australians with connections to the internet from having to worry about safeguarding their data. »

Fixing computers for family

For me family gatherings such as Christmas, Easter and weddings are less about spending time with relatives you haven’t seen for a long time and more about fixing their computers. As someone who works in the IT industry I have long been requested to have a look at and »

Dad joke industry threatened by mainstream media

Meanwhile, thousands of Dad joke purveyors across the country are reeling. “Damn it, ‘Electricity Bill’ was my idea! I can’t believe they stole it. I should have known this would happen after they took Kevin747 and Juliar without crediting me, but this time they’ve gone too far. I »

Police now targetting driver fatigue

If you’ve ever driven around NSW you’ve no doubt seen the big scary police signs that tell you what the local highway patrol is currently targetting. Usually the options are speeding, drink driving and the one that makes me chuckle ‘driver fatigue’. OK it’s not a laughing »