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Masterchef Tweet sport

There’s a new sport in town – tweeting about the hit TV show Masterchef (on Australian television) while it’s being aired. OK tweeting about a TV show isn’t new, but the sheer volume of #masterchef tweets is crazy. It’s made the top 10 global trending topics every »

Conroy fails to defend mandatory internet filter on 7PM Project

Senator Conroy appeared on The 7PM Project last night (Wednesday 24th March 2010) in an attempt to defend the proposed mandatory ISP level filter. Watch the video below and see if you think he was convincing. [youtube= »

People of NSW – don’t believe the spin about the SMH hacking a website

Background On Friday 19th Feb 2010, Sydney Morning Herald reporters Matthew Moore and Andrew West were advised by a contact to go to the website, where material on the transport blueprint was available. The reporters did not require a password to view the documents, which were available »

Channel 9 Twitter fail

Now that we’ve had some success tackling the big issues, time to turn our sights on Channel 9, free to air broadcaster of cricket in Australia. Currently one of the major sponsors of cricket is mobile phone company Three. They have a promotion where you can get free access »

Thorpe's financial dramas

According to The Daily Telegraph today (13th Feb 2010), Ian Thorpe has had some cash flow problems. But lucky for him that he’s mates with Alan Jones who was able to call up the head of Westpac Gail Kelly. According to the Tele, Jones said: *“Ian’s had no »