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JB Hi-Fi NOW Review

When I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus from JB Hi-Fi I got a complimentary 12 month subscription to their NOW music service. I’ve used it on and off for a few months and thought I’d write review. Overall it is a pretty good service but it has some »

Windows Phone 7 won’t support tethering

Ho hum, Windows Phone 7 won’t support tethering according to this report from Boy Genius Report. Tethering allows you to connect the phone to your laptop and use the internet connection in the phone. Android phones support this, iPhones support it and Windows is trying to compete with these »

Android handset outright prices – Australia

Lifehacker has compiled a list of Android handsets available for outright purchase from various carriers and the current prices. Click here to check it out. I don’t think buying outright from the carrier is the most cost effective way to go (if you’re buying outright) but you’ll »

HTC Wildfire coming to Telstra in August

Telstra announced today that they will begin selling the HTC Wildfire in August. No pricing details other than ‘cheaper than the HTC Desire which makes sense as the specs aren’t as good as the Desire. This is probably a good sweet spot for people who want an Android powered »

Android guide for Aussies updated

I’ve updated my guide to Android for Australians. Includes splitting the Phones and Apps sections onto separate pages for easier maintenance and readability. Android guide for Australians Android phones available in Australia Android apps for Aussies Enjoy! Technorati Tags: [android australia au]( »