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JB Hi-Fi NOW Review

When I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus from JB Hi-Fi I got a complimentary 12 month subscription to their NOW music service. I’ve used it on and off for a few months and thought I’d write review. Overall it is a pretty good service but it has some »

Storing passwords in a database? You’re doing it wrong

It’s amazing that in this day and age there are still systems that store passwords in databases in clear text. Passwords should never be stored in a database, you should always store the result of a one-way encryption process known as a Hash (with some Salt!). If you store »

LastPass – a review

For many years I was accumulating username / password combinations for a ridiculous amount of websites. Often I would use the same basic password, or a semi-strong password on these sites. I was building a user account security debt. Then I read about LastPass and knew my problems had been solved. »

How to migrate WordPress blog to a new hosting provider

I self-host WordPress rather than use a domain, but recently the hosting provider I was using was giving me performance grief. I was getting PHP execution timeouts when people tried to view my blog which is pretty poor. So I bit the bullet and found a new provider. »

Cold Chisel – No Plans concert review

Last night (Wednesday 18th April 2012) Cold Chisel put on an excellent gig in Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion to an excited crowd of punters. This concert was to launch their new album No Plans, but what made it different was that it was beamed live into cinemas around the country. »