TechEd - Building Responsive Web Applications with MVC4, WebAPI and HTML5

- development microsoft mvc technology web development

This session was presented by Brendan Kowitz (@brendankowitz) a Senior Developer from Readify and covered building responsive mobile web applications with MVC4, WebAPI and HTML5.  Overview Building a great user experience Data + WebAPI Going offline Packaging  Why responsible mobile web applications? Responsive, fluid usage, respond to online and offline events Interact with device hardware and storage to create a personalised experience Build and package for app stores across platforms  Why…

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ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio 2010

- linq mvc vs2010

I’ve been getting familiar with the ASP.NET MVC v2 project that comes with Visual Studio 2010. It’s been a while since I’ve written a lot of code so I wanted to sharpen my skills and also get familiar with this different way of working. If you’re looking to learn more about MVC you cannot go past the NerdDinner tutorial available here. Some other useful resources you might find handy – 101 LINQ examples and the LINQ to SQL page on MSDN. While the NerdDinner tutorial is based on v1 of the ASP.NET…

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