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Renewable energy and resistance to change

A country like Australia has boundless renewable energy resources in the form of wind, solar, geothermal and tidal to exploit and could easily be powered completely by renewable energy. We have a substantial hydroelectric dam system in the Snowy Mountains Hydro scheme which was a massive nation building exercise that »

Happy Australia Day

This Australia Day I woke early to help my son construct a Danish toy with components made in China, Mexico, Denmark and more. We watched an episode of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (the one where a plain, shy girl from the country didn’t get any attention or confidence until »

Senator Conroy - the Internet is special

In April 2010, Senator Conroy was quoted by Fairfax media (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age etc.) as asking "Why is the internet special?,"saying the net was "just a communication and distribution platform" (see article). Here are my reasons why I believe that the internet is special (and therefore a »

Would our environment have been better off with John Howard?

An interesting article from Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald that proposes Australia would have been better off environment wise if John Howard and the Coalition had won the last election. Sounds pretty radical but I read to the end because I usually find that Ross Gittins makes sense »

Senator Fielding also fails internet school

According to this ABC News article, links to child pornography were posted on the website of Senator Steve Fielding of Family First. The website hosted a forum (under the link ‘Have Your Say’) where anyone can register as a user and then post comments. I’m unable to verify because »