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Website security fails

I’m amazed that in the year 2012 we still have obvious and glaring bad practises relating to security of information, particularly personal information when it comes to websites and other online systems. No wonder identity theft is such a growing area of concern.  A large Telco I signed up »

Gerry Harvey - Things Bogans Like

So I’ve been itching to write a post about the absurd media campaign Gerry Harvey has been waging against online retailers – wanting the government to scrap the $1,000 limit before GST is imposed for offshore purchases and his crazy threat to set up an online store operating out »

Android 2.1 for HTC Hero – will it ever happen?

I bought an HTC Hero (GSM) early November 2009. I love the phone, it’s been good to me. But now it’s getting frustrating that I’m stuck on version 1.5 of the Android OS when phones are being released with 2.1. One of the reasons that »

An open letter to Continental

Dear Continental, I’m a long-time-eater, first time ranter about your Pasta and Sauce product range. I am was a huge fan of your Creamy Bacon Carbonara pasta and sauce product. But you’ve gone and changed it, and you’ve changed it for the worse. Why oh why?! The »

“It was like a war zone”

In the Sun Herald recently (7th Feb 2010) there was an article about the disruption being caused to schools around the country as construction is undertaken as part of the Government’s economic stimulus plan. Schools are getting new halls and other capital works done. A quote from a parent »