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TechEd - Application Hosting Models in SharePoint 2013

Shyam Narayan (@dotnetbounce), a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer took us through the approaches to application hosting in SharePoint 2013.  Application Identity models in SP2013 SP2010 provided two models for custom code – Full Trust and Sandboxed Apps in SP2013 now have their own identity Fine grained permissions can now be configured »

TechEd - Helicopter ride

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my delirious excitement about the helicopter ride I won. There was a competition and the Windows Server 2012 team were giving away these joyflights as a prize. I was fortunate enough to win in the first round and went for a »

TechEd: Real world SharePoint Customisation - IT Pro v Developer

In this session Jeremy Thake and Mark Rhodes took us through both sides of SharePoint customisation, pitting developers against IT pros.  Jermey started by taking us through a common scenario – the blame game. Customised SharePoint performs slowly, devs are guilty until they prove themselves innocent and need to prove their »

TechEd - Building Robust Windows Azure Applications with P&P Guidance

This session was presented byMahesh Krishnan from Readify (@MaheshKrishnan) and focused on building robust Windows Azure apps, but in particular the benefits of elasticity. To me one of the most appealing things about cloud based apps is the ability to scale up / down as needed to meet demand, so »

TechEd - FIM Best Practices

This was a great session from Carol WapshereMVP (@miss_miis) about the essential ingredients of a successful identity management project using FIM – Microsoft ForeFront Identity Manager.  The current latest and greatest is FIM 2010 R2 and it has the following technical components: Synchronisation Service – connects matched objects in directories »

TechEd - Introduction to SharePoint 2013

Before attending this session I had downloaded and installed a preview of SharePoint 2013 and had a bit of a play with it. But this session was very helpful and well presented. The first part of the presentation was about My Sites and social features in SP2013. The My Sites »

TechEd - Introduction to Windows Azure websites

I confess I haven’t kept up with the latest on Windows Azure websites, so attending the AZR212 session – Introduction to Windows Azure websites was well worth it. Some interesting things I learnt about the whole Azure platform for websites: It’s not just for .NET, you can run PHP »

Microsoft TechEd 2012–Australia

I’m fortunate enough to be attending Microsoft TechEd 2012 on the Gold Coast, Australia. The first session I attended was all about Windows Server 2012. Microsoft are pretty pumped about this release and had customer video testimonials talking about how different it was from anything we’ve seen before. »