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CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 integration

The out of the box integration between CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 / 2013 is one of those features that has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t fully deliver. It feels like a feature that is on the checklist of every prospective Dynamics CRM customer and so something minimal »

BizTalk 2010 SharePoint Adapter 401.2 Unauthorized errors

Got BizTalk 2010, SharePoint 2010 and HTTP 401.2 Unauthorized errors? On a recent project we were having problems configuring the Windows SharePoint Services Adapter onto a SharePoint 2010 farm. This is basically a BizTalk 2010 web service that gets deployed to your SharePoint farm. It allows BizTalk to deposit »

Updates to the Google Maps Geocoding Web Service

Google have released a new version of their geocoding web service, details here. Geocoding is the process of translating an address to an approximate location in terms of latitude and longitude (approximate is misleading, it can be very accurate). Reverse geocoding is the process of taking latitude and longitude coordinates »

SharePoint user profiles

I have a need to be able to enumerate through the SharePoint User Profile database to collect some stats and do some analysis. Here’s some handy articles I came across while researching it. How To Properly Enumerate User Profiles using the SharePoint User Profile Web Service Updating and Enumerating »