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TechEd - Introduction to Windows Azure websites

I confess I haven’t kept up with the latest on Windows Azure websites, so attending the AZR212 session – Introduction to Windows Azure websites was well worth it. Some interesting things I learnt about the whole Azure platform for websites: It’s not just for .NET, you can run PHP »

Storing passwords in a database? You’re doing it wrong

It’s amazing that in this day and age there are still systems that store passwords in databases in clear text. Passwords should never be stored in a database, you should always store the result of a one-way encryption process known as a Hash (with some Salt!). If you store »

LastPass – a review

For many years I was accumulating username / password combinations for a ridiculous amount of websites. Often I would use the same basic password, or a semi-strong password on these sites. I was building a user account security debt. Then I read about LastPass and knew my problems had been solved. »

How to migrate WordPress blog to a new hosting provider

I self-host WordPress rather than use a domain, but recently the hosting provider I was using was giving me performance grief. I was getting PHP execution timeouts when people tried to view my blog which is pretty poor. So I bit the bullet and found a new provider. »